What's In It?

Each bar you receive will have a complete list of ingredients for that specific recipe/bar. Below is a list of most commonly used ingredients in our soaps.        

Olive Oil: Cold Pressed 

Coconut Oil: Organic and Ultra Refined

Castor Oil

Palm Oil: Ethically and Sustainably Sourced (RSPO)

Shea Butter:  Both Refined and Unrefined

Essential Oils

Kaolin Clay 

Skin Safe Fragrance, Colors, Glitter


Bar Care

While some of the bars are pretty to look at, the best part of our bars is how they feel on your skin.  While a bar can last for years, you will experience the best benefits from the skin loving ingredients if you use it.  We carefully formulate our bars to be cleansing, yet not drying, so you can fully experience handcrafted clean. 

There are a few ways to make your handcrafted bar last longer. 

The first is to keep it dry when not using it.  Since the bar is made with water and oils and without preservatives, it can get mushy if it sits in water.  A soap dish or lift that keeps the bar off a wet surface helps it last longer between uses.  I like to store my bar vertically on the side so the least amount of bar is touching the counter or dish.  It can get sticky if kept wet but it will stay clean.