About Us

Welcome to Urban Solace, your retreat for handcrafted clean.  We hope you enjoy our small batch artisan soaps crafted with luxury ingredients. 

My journey into soap making began a few years ago when my sister invited me to a soap making class at a local school.  I wasn't sure about spending three hours on a Saturday making soap, however, soon learned how creativity and chemistry could culminate in something amazing.  We learned how to take simple ingredients like olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil to make something utilitarian and beautiful. In the months that followed, I slowly started crafting my own soap and learned about colorants, fragrances, butters, oils, recipes, blending, until I was able to produce soaps I was proud to gift to friends and family.
Once I started receiving requests for certain types of bars, different blends of oils, special holiday colors, I realized that it would be amazing to be able to share these pieces with others online and provide a forum for individuals outside of my immediate circle to experience handcrafted clean.


Small Business Start

Urban Solace was formed in 2017 and we are grateful for all of the support from friends, family and our community as we explore small business ownership.  We take pride in the fact that each bar we offer has been crafted in small batches (20 or less bars) and is hand-poured, hand-cut and hand-wrapped for optimal quality.   

Each soap comes from a carefully formulated recipe of oils, butters, colors and fragrances.  Our oils are ethically and sustainably sourced as we believe you create amazing products from only the best supplies.  We use skin safe fragrances free from parabens, phthalates or synthetics.  Our essential oils are therapeutic grade.  We look forward to sharing our handcrafted clean with you and thank you for supporting our small business!